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We are learning how to write, so this page was created to allow us to write and edit together. Below is our story in progress. Can you help us to make it better?

We began by deciding to write a story about a child who plays sports. The obvious choice to my class was hockey. (We are Canadian, after all.) We chose a name for the main character, and decided on a beginning, middle (including a problem) and an end. We are now working on making it sound like a real story.

Nolan was getting his hockey equipment on. Nolan told Dawson to tell his team to pass a lot. They went on the ice and they started to warm up in a horseshoe. They took some practice shots on the goalie. Nolan was in the net. he passt shoots he shoots he skors.

external image t_100-0030_IMG.jpg goalie, gggglie the Goalie, played outstanding for the rest of the game.


At the end of the game they were tied. They had a shootout. Nolan scored the winning goal. His teammates went wild, they skated across the ice and jumped on Nolan!!! The fans in the stands were jumping around and hugging each other and giving each other high fives. The crowd was chanting "Nolan, Nolan, Nolan". Nolan knew he was good at scoring goals but one day he missed a goal. somone scored on the other team. the other team was in the leed. Nolan got hit with the puck. But that didn't stop him. He skated down the ice.... he got a goal... then Nolan was back in ackchin agen. At the shootout nolan scord nolan was happy again!